Goodbye Reports. Hello Insights.

Managers will be able to identify and address small issues before they have an opportunity to grow into large problems. These comprehensive analytics provide historical trending and predictive modeling so an organization can see how it got to where it is, and what needs to be done for a more productive tomorrow.


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Our analytics will illustrate where you are today and your potential opportunities to sink or grow.  Through multiple chart types, you can view employee data such as average commuting distance, average last raise, and average time in a position in a simplified view, as well as compare your employees’ work habits and performance to determine your organization’s risk of turnover and opportunity for development.



Once you know why things are happening, you can plan for a better future. Predictive People Analytics provides the ability to investigate the future and predict optimal ways to reduce turnover and increase profitability. When coupled with isolved People Cloud’s data, the platform can provide managers comprehensive benchmark analytics to help them source and secure talent, 

Let’s get you started with Predictive People Analytics to analyze the trends, predict your options to reduce turnover and increase profitability.